ISPE Membership for Global Regulators

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Exchange ideas and stay current with GMP best practices.

ISPE, a not-for-profit independent and neutral organization dedicated to leading scientific, regulatory, and technical advancement throughout the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle, provides complimentary Membership to global Regulators that enables them to stay current with GMP best practices and the latest technical innovation and applications being utilized throughout the industry.

The Society provides an inviting and neutral environment for industry experts, regulators, technologists, consultants, and members of academia to exchange ideas and gain practical experience. ISPE is led by individual Members, not companies, who are the world’s top pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals working together to provide safe, effective, high quality medicines that directly benefit the patient.

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Benefits of ISPE Membership to Global Regulators

Global Regulators should join ISPE to gain access to the most effective means for engaging industry in discussion about the various ways industry interprets GMPs, regulations, best practices, and ensuring quality systems.

Additional benefits to Regulators for joining ISPE include:

  • Flexible options for Regulators to receive complimentary Membership; or pay just $65 USD for Regulators who are not permitted to receive complimentary Membership
  • Complimentary access to invaluable technical resources such as ISPE’s Good Practice Guides
  • Access to online networking opportunities and technical content through discussions forums sponsored by the 19 different ISPE Communities of Practice (CoPs)
  • Subscription to ISPE’s Pharmaceutical Engineering magazine and the opportunity to publish articles as a means for communicating with industry in a neutral environment
  • Means for global Regulators to become better known and build rapport with production professionals and those responsible for ensuring quality systems
  • Ability to receive training customized for the specific needs of Regulators

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